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Pure Shea Butter


Shea Butter is a fatty extract from the seed of the Shea nut. The extract is known to contain a number of ingredients with biological activity. This biological activity includes moisturizing abilities and the healing of minor skin ailments.


Shea Nut are primarily grown in West and Central Africa in the semiarid Sahel, referred to by traders as the "Shea Belt". Vitellaria paradoxa (our variety) and Vitellaria nilotica are the main varieties. Vitellaria paradoxa is exported in the largest volume and grows throughout the West African region. Vitellaria nilotica is produced primarily in northern Uganda and southern Sudan.


Shea Butter is used for body, hand and facial products because of its unsaponifiables content.

Shea Butter contains ester resins recommended for damaged skin repair, cleansing and the sun's protection.


Phytosterols content helps cellular stimulation and regeneration. Shea butter contains latex, which prevents against sun allergies. Clinical studies have demonstrated that pure shea butter enhances capillary vessels blood activity, increasing oxygenation and metabolic residues elimination.


Shea Nut products, the solid fat (Butter or Stearin) and the liquid oil (olien), are ideal for use as raw materials in cooking oil, margarine, cosmetics, soap, detergents and candles, but it has found its primary market niche as a substitute for cocoa butter in the chocolate and confectionery industry.


Shea butter has been used for centuries in Africa. It is used to moisturize and protect the skin from sun, wind, heat and salt water. It is known as the most effective skin moisturizer and conditioner because of its high content of non-saponifiable fats including vitamin F.


It is an excellent skin moistener and is used for aging skin, eczema and all forms of massage. It is also used to relax the muscles and to treat sprains wounds and colds. The unique formula of Pure Shea butter also helps prevent and protect dry skin providing temporal relief from irritation, dryness and wind burned skin.


Shea Butter can be used as a hair dressing cream to moisturize a dry scalp and stimulate hair growth. As a hair cream, it helps to hold the hairstyle and lightly relax curls.


Medicinally, Pure Shea Butter has been studied as an anti-inflammatory tropical cream, being helpful in cases of arthritis (Kerharo), and it contains stigmasterol, which is the sterol known as "the anti-stiffness factor" making it helpful in cases of rheumatism (Hampton). It has additionally been studied as a nasal decongestant by applying it to the inside of the nostrils (Tella).


Shea Butter is also helpful in cases of eczema and dermatitis and "contains chemical constituents that help to heal bruising and soreness" (Falconi).